My Bachelorette Pad Reveal!

My Bachelorette Pad Reveal!

I am SO excited to finally show off my bachelorette pad! It’s always been a bit of a regret of mine that I never had my own place to do whatever I wanted with. After years of watching Sex and the City and seeing Carrie’s cute little place, I can finally say I have my own little version right here in Milwaukee.

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Have it your way at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge

Have it your way at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge

Normally I’m a beer and wine kind of girl, but sometimes there’s nothing like a good cocktail. Quality ingredients, top shelf liquor, and a professional bartender can’t be beat. I don’t drink a lot of good cocktails, but recently I got my fix at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge in south Milwaukee.

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My Top Milwaukee Summer To-Do’s in 2019

My Top Milwaukee Summer To-Do’s in 2019

As you may or may not have noticed, I don’t have a ton of content yet on this site! Why, may you ask? It’s because, well… I don’t live in Milwaukee just yet!

I know, I know. I’m working on it. I’ve got great digs lined up and am moving in a week! I would LOVE to do a piece on the building I’m going to be living in because it’s pretty cool, but then you would know where to find me and… no offense, but I don’t like you that way. Of course, I will do the good old bachelorette pad tour as it’s my first real place all by myself and this girl is going to do it right, but that’s for another day!

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Tomatoes, Basil, & Burrata: The Perfect Appetizer

Tomatoes and burrata

I’ve never been able to resist a good caprese salad. The mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil… the combination of flavors is a close-your-eyes-to-enjoy-it-even-more classic. I’ve now been on two dates where the restaurant featured some kind of caprese salad, and this was how I was introduced to burrata cheese. Continue reading “Tomatoes, Basil, & Burrata: The Perfect Appetizer”

About Me

Hello good people of Milwaukee (or wherever you are)!

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the world. Encantada!

So, to introduce myself, I suppose. My name is Samantha, and I guess I describe myself as a late-twenties Milwaukee boomerang after being away from the city for 7 years (eek!). Life has taken interesting twists and turns over the past few years since I graduated from UW-Milwaukee and I find myself back to where my adulthood started, except this time, I can legally drink.

Blogging has been a hobby of mine ever since I studied abroad in Spain when my alter ego became Samantha En Route and has stayed that way ever since. Travel became and still is my passion but these days I’m #adulting and travel is not as spontaneous as it used to be. However, I still love writing and connecting with people in a personal and unique way as they stare at their screens. As I begin my new life in Milwaukee, I wanted to bring back that old passion.

So, Brew City Babe was born. But, truly, this site is dedicated to the ladies of Milwaukee. You get to live life through my eyes (so lucky, right?) and experience food, drinks, fun, and more in Brew City! My goal for this site is to promote Milwaukee from a female perspective, show how much love this city has to offer, and, of course, drink a couple brewskis. (BTW check out the Espresso Amber at Urban Harvest Brewing Co. You’re welcome.)

Milwaukee is an amazing, international, hipster, female-friendly, festival-crazy, foodie, lake-loving, artsy-fartsy city that welcomes all walks of life. From the burning hot summer concerts to the 3 feet of snow I had on my 21st birthday eve, I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Thanks again for joining me (and Otto & Millie) as I bring you to my corner of Milwaukee.

xoxo, Samantha

Otto & Millie (no, not short for Milwaukee… but I’ll take it!)