Have it your way at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge

Normally I’m a beer and wine kind of girl, but sometimes there’s nothing like a good cocktail. Quality ingredients, top shelf liquor, and a professional bartender can’t be beat. I don’t drink a lot of good cocktails, but recently I got my fix at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge in south Milwaukee.

From the outside, Bryant’s hides in plain site on the corner of S. 9th & W. Lapham. I thought I was in the wrong place when my Lyft pulled up as the speakeasy blends in pretty well with the homes next door.

Walking in, even though you aren’t drunk already, you’ll need to lean against the wall. Bryant’s likes to keep the atmosphere very dark and sensual, making it truly the perfect date spot. Once your eyes adjust a bit you can see your date a little better but you still feel like you’re in a private spot.

For my first drink, I mentioned that I liked gin and I was in the mood for something cucumber and mint. Out came exactly that in a martini glass with an extra few shots that didn’t quite fit. It was smooth and not-too-sweet with a fresh cucumber flavor and minty essence that hit the back of my throat really well.

My second drink was the result of, “I like tequila a lot… jalapenos, cilantro… and on the rocks.” Unfortunately they didn’t have jalapenos, but they gave me a spicy basil and cilantro margarita that went down reeeal smooth-like.

By then, my light-weight self was starting to feel pretty good and I knew my last drink had to be memorable. I asked for something with gin and elderflower and I got a light purple, fruity… well, something. But it was darn good šŸ™‚

Unfortunately, Bryant’s isn’t great for Instagramming your beautiful drinks as it’s so dark inside. What it is great for, however, is the opportunity to put your phone away, sip on something delightful, and enjoy the company of a lovely date.

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