My Bachelorette Pad Reveal!

I am SO excited to finally show off my bachelorette pad! It’s always been a bit of a regret of mine that I never had my own place to do whatever I wanted with. After years of watching Sex and the City and seeing Carrie’s cute little place, I can finally say I have my own little version right here in Milwaukee.

I’ve had a vision in my head of what I’ve wanted my place to look like for a while. I tend to be more drawn to bright, calm, feminine decor. I spent a year in Arkansas with rented furniture, so while I couldn’t decorate the way I wanted while down there, I definitely spent a little too much time at Homegoods buying things that I thought could fit in the future, like vases and a bar cart.

View into the dining room from the couch.

So when I finally came back to WI, I knew I wanted to move to Milwaukee and live in the city. I took a Sunday and walked around the Lower East Side looking at open houses. Most places were disappointing – either there was no parking, or the place was super tiny, or they didn’t allow cats – or even all three in some cases!

Dining table (with reupholstered chairs), kitchens, and adorable built-in hutches in which I store my serving dishes, glassware, and cookbooks.

When I walked into my now-apartment, my draw totally dropped! It was spacious, reasonably priced, had a parking lot, allowed cats, and was in the perfect location.

Down the hallway behind the living room – the bathroom door on the right, a storage closet on the left, and of course the bedroom at the end.

My favorite thing about it was that it was nice and bright. I like white walls and minimal decor that doesn’t crowd up the space. It’s been a hot summer (for Wisconsin) and being on the 4th floor has made it breezy, too – especially since I don’t have air conditioning.

Bed from Amazon, mattress from Wayfair, nightstands from Ikea!

You can tell from my photos that I was able to achieve my bright, calm, feminine decor 🙂 From my reused dresser-turned-TV stand that I could paint bright pink simply because I wanted to, to my wall decor, to my girly bed, my place is perfect for me (and my kitties) as I grow into myself – and my thirties (!) – over the next few years.

It’s good to be home.

xo, S.

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